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Our Experiences

Each experience is unique and hands-on. You will be hosted by locals in the area who will share with you the cultures found here in Polynesia. 

-Fireknife Experience-
Not only watch, join the show!

We will start with a brief history of the Samoan Fire-knife dance (Siva Afi). We will personally go over some of the basic moves with practice sticks as well as demonstrate fire safety. This will be a unique hands on learning experience for those who wish to participate. From there, we will put on a brief performance and during the show we will be inviting those who are comfortable to join us. You get a chance to play with the fire! Instead of just watching the fireknife dancer, you become the fireknife dancer! Even if it's just for a quick pose for the camera, you'll return home with pictures and experiences you just can't get anywhere else We look forward to facing the fire with you, mahalo for supporting local!


Lu'au Experience
A Polynesian Cultural Experience like never before

Arrive and be greeted by our ohana (family) with Oli Aloha (a traditional Hawaiian chant) 

We jump right in to preparing the Hawaiian style “Imu” rock oven WITH guests, including ti leaf fish wrapping and traditional salting! 

While the food is cooking we jump right into our immersive cultural activities.

Learn how to weave and make Ti leaf lei or kupe’e. Pound Kalo (taro) into authentic Poi, a Hawaii staple, and gain a greater understanding of Malama Aina (taking care of the land) and Aloha Aina (love for the land).

Sit back and relax as we take you on a tour through Polynesia through the lens of the relaxing drink known as “Kava”. Our Kava presentation offers a unique insight on protocol and ceremony done here in Hawaii and throughout the rest of Polynesia.

In addition to all these experiences, guest will also get to learn the Samoan Fireknife dance as well as Fireknife drumming!

Following the activities, we will open the Imu and our ohana (family) will serve you traditional Hawaiian food, not just from the Imu but catered food as well from locally famous Hawaiian food truck, Fat Poi!

The entertainment will be like nothing you’ve experienced before…because you get to be a part of it! Our guests get a chance to showcase what they learned earlier in our immersive activities. Drum alongside our professional drummer and dance with our Fireknife dancer!

Become immersed in the culture here at our one of kind experience and make memories that will last a lifetime!


Hands on Fireknife Experience

Mon, Thur 1 Hr $55

Immersive Luau Experience

Wed 2 Hr 30 Min $165

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